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Our New Website is about to Launch

Hi Everyone,
We’re thrilled to let you know that our new website is about to be launched. Please look out for an email tomorrow giving your ‘Head of Household’ a new username & password.

As you know SAJAC has been a broad resource for Jewish South Africans arriving in San Diego and other US cities and our success can be measured by stable membership, your continuing support, well attended programs and affection for the sense of community it strives to foster. And this effort has persisted for 35 years.

Now, as a mature organization, SAJAC is embarking on a new and thoughtful project. To cement our success and our established community, SAJAC’s new website now incorporates a Genealogy module in its database.  To start off we want our members to enter as many people as they can belonging to their immediate families i.e. parents, grandparents and great grandparents (alive or deceased), and also children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, where applicable.
We want to capture the unique history and journey of our families from Eastern Europe to South Africa and then San Diego and beyond, ultimately including other cities in the US, and Canada. Our genealogy deserves to be preserved for generations to come and for us to leave our legacy.

There are other new features to look forward to, as well.

You will be able to sign up to receive information from SAJAC via TEXT (for the 1st time), email or both.

Each person can request which form of communication they prefer on their own personal page.
You can now post available work opportunities on our secure site.
You can also post free ads or articles on our Facebook page.
The HOWTo’s section on our site will help guide you through all the details.
Last, but not least, on all individuals’ pages in every family, there is an opportunity to sign up & help SAJAC in one way or another.
The secret to SAJAC’s success has been, and will remain, that we operate like an ‘ant community’. Each person only has ‘one’ thing to do to help, and even maybe only once in the year or less. There are no committee meetings! We value each person’s individual expertise that can benefit our community.  Please check off any.
With gratitude,
Website Redesign Committee
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