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The goal of the CAN initiative is to raise antisemitism awareness and funds to help educate the public as well as support organizations that are effectively tackling this problem including the American Jewish Committee (AJC), the American Israeli Council (IAC), StandWithUs, Jewish Federation San Diego  the Anti-defamation League (ADL) and others. They are on the frontline combating antisemitism daily. A fiduciary committee oversees the CAN fund held at the Jewish Community Foundation and is responsible for appropriately distributing these funds.
Our goal is to be complementary and supportive in general and leave it up to the capable professionals. We believe that we all need to come together as this is ALL our responsibility.

Most recently ………
We have been approached by several parents whose children have been verbally attacked with hateful antisemitic comments at elementary and middle schools (public). For the most part they have had to deal with the issues themselves despite there being many local/national organizations that profess they combat antisemitism. It appears that there could be better coordination between the various and multiple entities in combating antisemitism. Seems like most are not coordinated.

At present the goal of the CAN initiative is to raise funds to support:

  • The creation of a hotline so that anyone experiencing antisemitism can get the right help and efficiently (South Africa has a hotline for this purpose!)
  • Those organizations that are effectively combating antisemitism in schools and universities.
  • Creation of a standardized and graded approach to dealing with school antisemitism.
  • Politicians who are taking a stand against antisemitism in our San Diego community. Franklin attended a meeting with Councilmember Raul Campillo (District 7) to deal with the antisemitic flyers distributed in San Carlos and Del Cerro. We plan to support this initiative, intended to take to task a white supremacist group which is active in San Diego.
  • Coordination of the multiple organizations who claim to be combating antisemitism.
  • Activist efforts like Am Echad Alliance of SDJA.

    Please Donate Generously

    • help us raise awareness of Antisemitism & Holocaust Denial,
    • help us educate the public through the schools and universities &
    • help us support organizations that are effectively tackling these issues daily.

    (Click on the link  or scan the QR code > Select Contribute to a Fund > Select CAN to insert into the DESIGNATION of Funds window.)


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