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J’Accuse! & Community Outreach Event

J'Accuse documentary produced by Michael Kretzmer


SAJAC is proud to bring a very special & meaningful program to our community on Sunday, November 5th, 2023. 

Join us, to not only view the film, ‘J’Accuse’, which has achieved international acclaim in only 7 months,
but also meet the trio, in person:
Michael Kretzmer, the producer and director of this documentary,
Silvia Foti, Nazi war criminal, Jonas Noreika’s granddaughter, and
Grant Gochin, an active anti-Holocaust denial protagonist.

We’re thrilled that they will all be in attendance,
to not only discuss the documentary and its astonishing global impact
but also how we intend to leverage this film as a springboard
to educate both Jews and non-Jews alike regarding
the horrors of the Holocaust, Holocaust denial, Holocaust revisionism and
Anti-semitism in general.

In order to bring this important story and vital conversation to the JCC,
we need your support.
Your gift enables us to bring these artists and activists to San Diego &
ensures that this program is accessible to our entire community.

That being said, our mission extends beyond this program on November 5th.
In addition to this powerful film presentation and discussion,
we are asking our community to stand up and confront antisemitism together. These fundraising efforts will allow us to fight antisemitism through continued education and community resources

Please join us SAJAC, the South African Jewish American Community,
and our partners
the Jewish Federation of San Diego County,
the American Jewish Committee,
Anti-Defamation League of San Diego,

in bringing the truth to light, confronting antisemitism,
and combating holocaust denial.

Here is a direct link for you register to attend the event & kindly make a donation of any amount.

The event that will take place at:
JCC Lawrence Family Campus
10.00 am on Sunday, November 5th, 2023.
Price: $10 | JCC Members: $8

You are welcome to share this request with anyone you know
who may be interested in joining us in support of this meaningful outcry.


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