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Tips to Zoom


When you enter the meeting, you will be placed into the Waiting Room. The host will admit you into the session just prior to the start of the meeting.

Once in the actual meeting, you will have your Mic Muted and Video off.

Please keep your mic muted unless you are a presenter.

The screen shot below shows the icons you will need to be aware off.


Controls for your camera and microphone (circled in red)

If there is a red line through the microphone, you are muted. Click on the microphone icon to unmute or to mute.

If there is a red line through your camera, your camera is not on. You will not appear in the meeting. Please click on the camera icon to turn the camera on, so the presenters can see you.


Participants Icon (circled in Purple)

Click on the icon and a pane will appear showing the names of all the participants in the meeting


Chat icon (Circled in Yellow) Please click on the chat icon.

We will use Chat for questions in the general session. If you have a question for any of the presenters, please type in into the chat pane.

During Breakouts you will be able to ask questions live, however if you would prefer to ask a question anonymously, you can utilize chat. In the chat pane, click where it says ‘EVERYONE’ and choose who you would like to chat to, the presenter or someone else in the room. That chat is private.

The final used for the chat box is for technical support. If you are having an issue, please click on the ‘EVERYONE’ and choose ‘SUPPORT’. Then type in your issue.


In the top right corner of the screen is a ‘view’ icon. This will change your view from gallery to speaker and back again. You are welcome to choose which view you prefer.


Breakouts (Circled in Blue)

If you have told us which breakout room you would like to attend, you will see the breakout icon. At the end of the first hour, the breakout rooms will be opened and you will automatically be pushed to your assigned breakout room.

If you did not choose a breakout room prior, I will call on you in the general session room, you will unmute your mic and let me know which room you would like to choose. The same goes if the breakout room icon does not appear on your screen.  (PLEASE LET US KNOW PRIOR TO THE MEETING WHICH BREAKOUT ROOM YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND) You can change your mind once in the meeting.

If you would like to join a different breakout room, you can open the participants pane, and to the left of your name, you will see a button for ‘move’ or ‘join’. From there you can choose which room to go to.

If you would like to move to a different breakout room, and can’t find how to do that, please send a chat to ‘support’ and I will facilitate that move for you.

Here’s a useful link to ZOOM SUPPORT

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