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Shield of David

Shield of David was started by Brian Blacher and Eli Ben-Moshe in response to a disturbing ramping up of antisemitism, like the incident in LA where two Jewish men were beaten and here in University City a Rabbi was attacked by a 14 year old boy!

Shield of David believes it is time to stand up for Israel and circulate accurate pro-Israel information and educate the next generation on the truth so they don’t believe the false narrative.

We would love to invite you all to our “We Are Israel” rally on July 25 in El Cajon. It will bring the local Jewish and Christian congregations together in unity to stand for truth, justice, and freedom and take a stand against hate.

Our motto is: Never again means taking action now!
Our keynote speaker is Mike Pompeo and it will be a fun event standing for unity and truth against hate.

Please attend show your support
SOD is working to provide transportation to attendees who register online.

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