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Baruch Dayan Ha Emet Alby Amato Sept 19th 2020

We are sad to inform you that Alby Amato, loving husband of Jacky, father of Nicole and Gina, father in law of Ryan, grandfather of Ella, Lydia, Jayden and Asher passed away on Saturday September 19th in San Diego, California.

The funeral will be held today, Monday September 21st at 3pm
El Camino Cemetery,
5600 Carol Canyon Road, San Diego CA 92121

Prayers will be tonight September 21st and tomorrow night, September 22nd at 6:30pm at
1653 Oranado Lane
Del Mar Ca 92014


Today we lay my beloved Uncle Alby Alby to rest. His sudden passing has left us all in shock. He will be missed more than words can express. Alby was larger than life and never afraid to show his true self both inside and out. Thank you Alby for being part of my life. Thank you for your kindness, your generosity, your friendship. I will honor your memory by embracing the love that you once shared. I will share that love with others and share it in your name. You are gone but still remain. Until we meet again. Love you Albs.

Dani Shekel is feeling heartbroken and writes:

Oh Alby Amato, you will be missed by so many!
A mentor, husband, father, brother, uncle and friend to many. You were such a big character with an even bigger heart. You had such a zest for life, never gave up and was always so kind and generous.

You were such a devoted family man and so proud of them all! Always showing us pictures of the grandkids. You reminded me of my grandfather who you so admired … a rock to the family. You have left a legacy. Jacky Amato, Niki Bentley, Gina Goldstein and Janette Amato …. we may be far away from you but you are constantly in our thoughts and hearts.

Dass Segal is feeling heartbroken.

Shocked. Saddened. Grateful to have known my cousin Alby Amato.

A generous, warm, social, creative, entrepreneurial man who we are so glad to have seen recently in Oz. His mom, Lucy, was the warmest soul, they are together now.

Jacky Amato, Niki Bentley, Gina Goldstein we are with you.

To all my cousins, we are so lucky to know the love of a family that The Holocaust, childhood poverty, trauma and distance can never break.

Sivan Ben-yitzchak is feeling heartbroken.

Uncle Alby, My heart is broken. How you will be missed. One minute you’re here and the next you’re not without any warning. You lived larger than life and lived life to the fullest, you had a heart of gold. Whenever we came to visit you would shower us with all your marvel comic t-shirts and with so much love. We would’ve been seeing you recently. 

It’s times like these that I wish we lived closer and could all be with the family.

You will be sorely missed.  Love and miss you.
Jacky Amato,  Niki Bentley,  Gina Goldstein, & Janette Amato wishing you all long life.
Love you.

Like so many others, Ray and I are terribly shocked and saddened to be expressing our emotional feelings on this very sad day. It is inconceivable to us that Alby is simply, not with us… and the more we think about his passing, the harder it is to comprehend that he will not be within reach by phone, email or a simple dinner-date.

These last 48 hours have us in a complete state of incomprehensible disbelief after Alby had taken such incredible care of himself.

We will always remember Alby as a kind, generous and loving human being who went out of his way to be helpful to friends, family and business folks alike. Alby shall always remain in our hearts forever and we wish Jacky love, peace and special memories especially during these extremely difficult days.

With love and blessings, we will always be here for you, Jacky.

Ray Herz and Geoff Phillips

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