Helping Hands

Make A Difference:
You can make a difference in the community in any small way and perhaps just once a year.

Choose the area that “speaks to you”.

A. Help Others
a. Babysitting

i. Responsible teenagers/adults can earn money – sign them up

b. Make Meals for shiva homes or health challenged members.

i. Occasional assistance with Kosher meals
ii. Occasional assistance with non-Kosher meals

c. Welcome Wagon
– deliver welcome baskets
– host a Shabbat dinner for newbies
– host a Newcomers Tea

B. Participate in Committees
a. Events – organization or volunteer on the day
b. Gemilut Chesed – raise funds for GC
c. Membership – encourage others to join
d. Shabbat San Diego – help with Events, Marketing, Finance, Social media and Partner outreach

C. Administrative Tasks
a. Help with Accounting – Data entry and /or bank reconciliation
b. Help with Social Media – Facebook + Linked In
c. Help with publications
– Directory Advertising
– Reporter Advertising
– Reporter Content
d. Help with Website